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Online Check-in

U232 Hotel now offers online check-in to make your arrival even simpler. Just identify yourself at reception and start enjoying your stay!

Below you’ll find all the details on the process:


Online check-in is available to all guests staying at the hotel, not just the guest under whose name the reservation was booked.

When checking in, you will find a "share" link on the platform so that other guests can enter their data to complete the process.


You can check-in online up to 7 days prior to your arrival at the hotel.


The process is very simple:

Step one: To access online check-in, simply enter your reservation number and date of arrival.

Step two: Provide required information (see below). You can enter this info manually, or do it automatically by uploading photos of the front and back of your ID.

  • The country, kind, and number of the ID provided
  • Name and surnames
  • Gender: male/female
  • Date of birth
  • Date of issue and expiration of the ID provided
  • Address and post code (including country and city of residence)


We will also ask for your:

  • E-mail


Step three: To finish up:

  • We will ask you to accept our privacy policy.
  • We will ask if you wish to receive special offers from NN Hotels | Barcelona.


Step four: Once you digitally sign, the check-in process is officially complete.

We will send you an email confirming that the check-in process was carried out successfully, and we’ll also attach a copy of the accommodation contract and registration card.

I checked in online; what do I do when I get to the hotel?

On the day of your arrival, go to reception and let them know that you checked in online. Be prepared to show passports or identification documents for each guest; and have your credit card ready.

It’s that easy! We eagerly await you in Barcelona!!

Start enjoying your stay in Barcelona!

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