We believe that every step towards sustainability counts. Therefore, we encourage all customers to learn about the importance of helping to protect our environment.


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Here at Hotel U232, we not only care about the well-being of our guests and visitors, but the planet too. We are constantly working to minimise our environmental impact, encouraging energy efficiency, and offering services aligned with its protection in mind.

Promoted by the Barcelona Tourism Consortium, the Chamber of Commerce and Barcelona City Council, we have the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle seal of certification, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. We are also part of the Barcelona+Sostenible network of more than 1,000 organisations committed to environmental, social and economic stability in order to collectively build a responsible city for both people and the environment. This commitment is aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change via the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20.

Hotel U232 also has the SafeTravels stamp, the first for global safety and hygiene during travel and tourism awarded by the World Travel & Tourism Council, meaning the highest possible efficiency and protection for all our guests. There is also the Ecostars stamp, a specific certificate for hotels that awards ecostars based on the environmental impact from staying at a hotel, recognised by both international organisations like the World Tourism Organization and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and national organisations like the Mesa de Turismo de España (Spanish Tourism Board).

We constantly strive to raise awareness about responsible resource use by our customers, particularly water and energy.

We have installed a water softening system to reduce water hardness and improve the quality in the hotel, meaning soaps and shampoos are more effective, reducing the amount of water used. It also makes water consumption disinfectants more efficient, prevents scaling in pipes and taps, and rust that can lead to water leaks. We also promote the responsible use of towels and dressing gowns by our customers.

Our temperature control system includes the latest energy efficient devices, with a centralised control system for all units. This system enables the control and regulation of temperature throughout the hotel, enabling control over the temperature in all public areas and temperature regulation in accordance with the indications in RD: 14/2022.

Our soap dispensers in bathrooms raise awareness about the fair use of products and soaps, limiting use to single doses. Similarly, we look after the details, the hallmarks of our experience, in terms of reducing paper consumption, digitalising our processes, like the online check-in, and we provide sustainable pens to reduce plastic use in the hotel.

In our kitchen, we minimise and separate waste correctly to enable correct recycling or end use in collaboration with approved handling agents and public services.

We have technicians and our own and outsourced maintenance specialists in our hotel to look after our installations, and to ensure customer and employee safety. Checks and inspections are performed, training is provided, and regular simulations take place.

We encourage and seek out equality and diversity among our staff, a key aspect of our own service quality and the best possible customer care. 

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